'I AM NECESSARY'              Fashion show Fundraiser

Happie Micha Believes in an all inclusive culture. The 'Happie' brand strives to create joy and connections through conversations for healing and transformation.

The 'I Am necessary Fashion show Fundraiser is created to celebrate what makes us uniquely different. To share love, laughter and light. Shinning light on the condition of the world around us. Where human beings are still being violated and criminalized base on there sexual orientation and gender identity.

Happie has experienced this first hand growing up in Jamaica. Where LGBTQ people are refused basic human rights. So they are beaten, burnt, modded, shot and exiled from their homes. This has got to stop, we need a change. The world needs a change.

At our fashion show, the runway tells many stories of gender, sexuality, race and identity. Celebrating diversity and all inclusivity, with the freedom of self expression at our foundation.

For this first event, we partnered with J Flag (The LGBT organization in Jamaica) to help establishing a helpline for youths and their families.

All Lips for the show sponsored by Agata from glamlipsquad


Designer: Naa-Adei Laura Marmon

Happie Fashion Show-91.jpg