My dad and I, we have come along way

My Dad video called me yesterday... OMFG! I can see your face daddy and you see me? lol. The last time I saw my dad's face, was June 16th 2010, the day I left Jamaica. My dad and grandmother took me to the airport, sending me off to Canada.

Yes! We have had many phones call. But just phone calls, never actually seeing each other. And Yes I have sent a few photographs back home. Also, my dad is not a social media type of guy, so no pictures or videos. I video chat with my mom all the time, never my dad tho.

My dad and I have come along way. I am proud of where we are, and who we are for each other. The many conversations we have had over the years, has healed me in many ways and still is healing me. My dad inspires me, to be someone who makes a difference. I respect him. I love him and I love who he is. My dad is my hero.

So not seeing each others face for the past 8 years, was terrible. But it created something deeper between us. I feel deeper level of love and connection. Not just as father and son anymore, but as brothers and friends. I only knew his voice, a voice I can trust, a voice that cares and worries for me, a voice that wants to see me happy and successful. The voice that said "I love you Micha" for the first time. And the voice that has the courage to say 'I love you', when he can, after every phone call. (P.s. Its quiet uncomfortable for Jamaican men to express their love) My dad is learning how to express his love and that makes me feel full. Full of love, joy and pride. So I was ok with just the voice, but I longed to see his face.

Yesterday I saw his face. He smiled. I smiled. We smiled with each other. My dad looks really good, with his sexy bald head and chiseled cheek bone structure. Way younger than I thought he would be. I laughed and tears filled my eyes. My heart is full of joy. I am so happie and gratefull to have my dad, as an integral part of my life.

I didn't think this moment would be so emotional for me. I believe this was a gift from the universe, saying "Happie you are on the right track baby". Tanks Daddy, I love you and thank you for loving me.

Ugh! Now, I wish I had photograph of my dad. But this recent shot of me at 'The Black Diamond Ball 2018' is good enough for now. My experience at that event coming soon... until next time

 Wearing Jacket by Melissa Williams Clothing & Pants by Ugly FEDO

Wearing Jacket by Melissa Williams Clothing & Pants by Ugly FEDO

Happie Micha