How the use of language, shapes our reality.

On this freezing spring afternoon, this warms my heart and lifts my spirit.

Meet Jonathan Andrews; one of the most disciplined and high performance young man I have the pleasure of knowing. I am Happie to call him one of my best friends. 

He wrote an interesting blog post on 'The 5 am hustle'. Where he explores, how to prepare for a speech. I love being acknowledge and appreciated, as you all can tell.  And what Jonathan did, was he pointed out something I did before an impromptu tables topics at our toastmasters club. 

I wasn't conscious of what I was doing. And I didn't realize the positive, empowering impact it had on my speaking. Not until he acknowledge it. Thank you my friend for the love, support and always having my back. You are a ROCKSTAR!

"We create our realities through our language. Unless you and I intentionally use empowering language, we will not create the realities we desire". -Jonathan
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