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About Us

Who We Are

Happie Micha Edwards is the founder and creator of the 'I Am Necessary' Uprising. 

Born & Bred on the island of Jamaica. Happie lived in fear and soaked in shame for years. Being a closeted homosexual, living in a deeply religious and severely homophobic country, where homosexuality is punishable by law. Happie dreamed of a life filled with Freedom and Acceptance.

In 2010, Happie moved to Canada to study. Tasting the freedom and acceptance for LGBTQ people in Toronto, Happie became a Refugee and never looked back. Journeying through self healing and discovery, Happie released burdens of shame, limiting beliefs and childhood emotional trauma. During a meditation, God whispered a mantra, the message 'I Am Necessary' to Happie's soul and then the mission began.

Happie & Rainbow & the Unicorn Community are on a mission to spread this powerful message of love to all. We are Committed to the Freedom for all LGBTQ people around the globe. One human at a time. This is the beginning of Transformation, creating a world where we all belong.

We Support Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad


In countries all over the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBTI) people live in basic fear for their freedom, their safety and their lives.  They often have nowhere to turn because their government and police not only tolerate but encourage this brutality. Rainbow Railroad exists to help these people get out of danger to somewhere safe. In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of the Rainbow Railroad is to help LGBT people as they seek safe haven from state enabled violence, murder or persecution. Through funds collected by people like you, we’re able to support, provide information, and help to arrange safe transportation for these LGBT people to somewhere in the world where they can live their lives in safety.